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"Looks like Tim Hugo sold us down the river..."

 “Looks like Delegate Tim Hugo sold us down the river,” Fairfax Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova (D) said. “Partisan politics over sound public policy.” 

Silent on the deadliest attack on Jews in our country's history.

Instead of voicing support for the victims of the deadliest attack on Jews in our country's history he instead opted to retweet about a robotic club's Chipotle night.  He also refused to attend the subsequent local vigil.

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VCDL Rating: 100%

NoGo Tim Hugo

Tim Hugo Puts the F-I-X in Fairfax Judicial Nominations

 Hugo Says No to First Female, Asian-American Judge in Virginia 

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Schapiro: In NoVa, a big target becomes even bigger

 Hugo’s ploy, paired with his opposition to Medicaid expansion and push for a generous property tax break for two country clubs, likely means he will be an even bigger target in [2019]...

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Tim Hugo Has Sold Out To Corporations

Tim Hugo has taken over $70,000.00 from Dominion Power and tens of thousands from predatory lenders and Verizon.

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